Caribbean Plastic Surgery its open

Plastic Surgery Caribbean through the Dominican Academy of Plastic Surgery conducted a free medical day Gigantomasty (breast surgery) where about 30 patients were operated with a diagnosis of Breast Giants.

The patients underwent rigorous medical assessments and economic partner to be tapped. In medical management involving more than 20 plastic surgeons, with anesthesiologists, cardiologists, nurses and a large support staff.

Specialists Plastic Surgery Caribbean doctors performed these operations at no cost to patients, achieving ease the expense of patients and as a form of social policy of the Academy which brings together surgeons in the area of ​​surgery.

The interventions were carried out at the premises of the Caribbean clinics Plastic Surgery, International Plastic Surgery Center (Cipla) Be Center and Clinic Cruz Jiminian.

The president of the academy, Dr. Orlando Vargas Almonte, along with the team called for more people and institutions to join this great work, which involves a great improvement in the lives of these patients.

Patients who for years led an exaggerated weight on their backs, have improved living conditions for the rest of his days.

The Academy will announce in the coming days related to the Breast Cancer month to benefit the low-income population activities.

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